Recent Events


Oryx and Antelope 2017

The 2017 hunting season is starting out with a bang, literally! Even though they are not related, Ky and Cap Massey had successful hunts. Ky was chasing antelope with stick and string out in unit 31. The hunt was, as most archery antelope hunts are, very trying with patience being the most important element. They worked a few antelope and had a couple of unsuccessful opportunities until they were able to decoy a nice buck into range and Ky made a great shot and the buck was down. Big congratulations and job well done.

Meanwhile, Cap Massey was on the White Sands Missle Range for an Oryx hunt. Scott and Chase were able to assist with the hunt which started late Friday afternoon due to a late missle test. With it being so warm most of the animals were bedded up and not moving much. We did spot a couple of double broken horn bulls but passed. The group left out early Saturday morning and by the time they got on base and headed north they were on Oryx within minutes. We stopped and setup on a small group with a couple of nice animals in it but then 7 trucks stoped and a few got out and moving in right beside us, not the most courteous! We went back to the truck and left everyone alone. We headed north to meet up with good friend Doug Burkett who had his eyes on a good bull. Cap and Chase put on a long stalk and eased into range but the animal never gave them a good shot. The group worked a new area and saw several groups of Oryx but none they could work. We finally spoted some working around a ridge and the stalk began. We eased into range, Cap set up and waited for the shot. He settled his crosshairs on the vitals and touched it off. The bullet found its mark and the oryx was down. Great hunt and congratulations on a beautiful Oryx.






Pro Bass Camp 2017

Once again the club help their good friend and professional angler Kurt Dove put on the annual Kurt Dove's Pro Bass Camp to teach young anglers from around the country how to be more successful during their high school and local tournaments. The caliber of pro anglers helping the kids was once again truely amazing. Several of Kurt's good friends including Hall of Famer Denny Brauer, MLF and BASS Elite Pro Keith Poche, FLW touring pros Dave Mansue, T.R. Andreas, Tim Flowers, Cody Greney, Frank Ramsey, big fish guru Matt Reed, and several more traveled several hundred miles to participate. The camp was once again held at Lake Amistad just outside of Del Rio, Texas and with the lake vishing better than it has in years the camp should be a good one! During the week the young anglers spent 6 hours a day on a boat with the pro anglers learning how to provoke the big bass to bite while learning several new techniques. After the kids got off the water around 1pm the rest of the day was filled with seminars, trip to the tackle stores, and some heated pitching/flipping contest. Several big bass were caught during the week surpassing the past camp Big Bass records and creatings excitement for the end of week tournament. As the kids started to roll in for weigh-in with their pro anglers there was some 80 anctious parents and local fans waiting to see some big fish. this years weigh-in was exciting with the Big Bass record being broken 4 times and the last angler weighing in taking top honors by only .01 of a pound! What a great camp! The kids came from as far away as FL, MA, WA, and CA. Congratulations to all the young anglers for their hard work and their accoplishments, A big congratulations to one of our own, Josh Austin, for taking top honors at camp. He beat out some really tallented anglers and brought the traveling trophy back to NM!



Texas Deer/Aoudad Hunt 2016

Once again our good friend Page Day with Acorn Outfitters has given us the opportunity to take a group of young hunters to chase the elusive Whitetail and sharp eyed Aoudad. We packed up up the trailer and headed out with a group of eager hunters. After arriving at the ranch and checking the guns at the range we headed to the field. The first evening was pretty slow but after a good meal and some much needed rest the kids were ready. The next two days were filled with lots of game and some close calls. All the kids had an opportunity on some animals and by the time Saturday night rolled around we had 3 great bucks and 1 nice Aoudad on the ground. It was another amazing hunt with some great animals havested. Looks like the kids are having venison for Thanksgiving. Thanks again to Page Day for putting some big smiles on the young hunters faces. A big thanks to Nick, Joseph, and Chase for getting these young hunters down there and back safely and passing on their love of the outdoors.